3M Safety Training Approved for GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART). Early Bird Price £595 (+VAT)

3M Safety Training is now approved for GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART). Call 01457 878 640 to book at our Early Bird Offer of just £595(+VAT)

3M Safety Training approved to deliver GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART).

GWO9. Advanced Rescue Training (ART). Learn the specific issues surrounding advanced rescues in all areas of a wind turbines.

GWO10. Advanced Rescue Training (ART) Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue Refresher (NTBRR). Review, build knowledge and skills gained from the ART Nacelle, Tower & Basement training, as well as working at Heights training.

4:1 students to instructor.

Successful delegates receive 2 GWO ART certificates valid for 2 years and 2 Single rescuer certificates with no expiry.