Celox Haemostatic Gauze 10cm x 10cm contained in Advanced First Aid Kit

Celox Haemostatic gauze 10cm x 10cm ( 2 per pack) is included in the Advanced Rope Access First Aid Kit

When you have a severe or catastrophic bleed occurring during an accident at height, you want to be able to control the bleed before ascending or descending the rope. If the bleed is in an area where the CAT GEN 7 tourniquet (included in each kit) can not reach ie axillae or groin area or neck, then you can use a haemostatic agent ( like Celox 10cm x 10cm paramedic gauze )  to stem the arterial or severe bleed, in conjunction with direct pressure and the Emergency Trauma Dressing (Also included in each kit).

The new pneumonic being taught in First Aid Classes is M.A.R.C.H. 

M = Massive haemorrhage  ( keep the red stuff inside the body where it is needed is 1st priority with a severe / catastrophic bleed)

A- Airway 

R = Respiration

C = Circulation

H = Haemorrhage ( re check that the patients bleeding is still under control )