FREE Technical Day - to raise awareness of the use of safety equipment when working at height

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FREE TECHNICAL DAY EVENT - Construction Industry Awareness - Help from the Industry to the Industry.

SpanSet and Working Well Together (WWT) have joined forces for this next Technical Day on July 3rd at SpanSet's excellent Training Centre in Middlewich, Cheshire, 5 mins off the M6.

The aims of the event are to raise awareness of the use of safety equipment, related risks when working at height and provide the latest advice and guidance. If you regularly put people to work at height using safety equipment, supervise, use, manage are a contractor or self-employed then this free half day event is for you.

The format for these events is lunch then an afternoon of practical 'real life' demonstrations and expert advice from the SpanSet Team.

What's included? Practical demonstrations and expert advice from the SpanSet team: Inspection - Static tests to illustrate the effects of wear and tear on different sling construction styles. Safe Lifting - locking pulley systems to control manual hauling operations and prevent accidents. First Response Rescue - Pre-assembled remote rescue kits for emergency recovery of suspended casualties by first responders. Emergency Planning for high level structures - Emergency evacuation and first response rescue for high level structures such as tower cranes. WalkAbout Access System - Temporary tension platforms as a low impact access solution for construction and building maintenance. Innovative Low Clearance Height Solution - Hybrid lanyards developed as the next generation of energy absorbing lanyards.

For more information or reserve a place click this link or call 01606 737494 and ask for Jude.