Fall Arrest and Worker Weight - Why compromise safety?

Is your lanyard rated to 140 kilos?

  • Training Department from SpanSet Limited

    Is your lanyard rated to 140 kilos?

  • Larger workers, especially those wearing winter workwear, personal fall protection equipment and with heavy tools attached can easily weigh over 100 kilos (15+ stone).

    Did you know? Many fall arrest lanyards on the market today are only rated up to 100 kilos and are therefore not safe for larger workers to use.

    SpanSet SP140 and DSL2 Fall Arrest Lanyards are rated up to 140 kilos!

    For more information on how to keep your workforce safe, especially when fully kitted up, follow this link https://www.spanset.com/uk-en/section/fall-arrest-and-worker-weight