Highest registrations ever, new log book, online registration system

Latest News Update

There are many new stategies being put in place by IRATA at present and the current news is all good from the Association. Of special relevance to users of this site is the fact that technician registrations increased by 24% last year, the highest percentage growth since the early years of IRATA. Over 3500 new technicians came on board in the last twelve months. Additionally, a new document has been created for IRATA member companies and assessors that clarifies registration procedures. This should remove areas of confusion regarding expired certificates and direct entry issues, and create greater consistency. A new Technician Log Book is in preparation - in a slightly larger format - and this will, for the first time, enable holders to chart the heights at which they have been working as well as hours, locations, etc. The On-Line Registration system is being tested at the moment and should be operational in the near future. The growth of member company applications is also increasing rapidly and we shall certainly have in excess of 100 members at some point during 2006. With the new logo correctly identifying the International element of the IRATA operation, the Association is beginning to create Regional Advisory Committees around the world so as to increase the flow of information between itself and member companies overseas. In another development, IRATA is introducing an Associate Membership grade for those commercial concerns outside of rope access training and operation but closely allied to the industry in other ways. By adding this category to its membership IRATA will be able to fulfil an ever broader role within the working at height industry. IRATA International remains the sole global trade association for industrial rope access and is increasingly the standard that aspirant rope access companies, and the countries they work in, turn to in order to develop their business.