IRATA confirms its international status with a change of logo

International IRATA changes to new logo.

(Note: The new logo can be viewed from this link: In the world of working at height and specialist access the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) has, from its creation in 1988, blazed a trail of innovation, work access solutions, training, and safety. Its global position is already firmly established with member companies in every continent and over 8000 active trained rope access technicians operating in over fifty countries. The Association now confirms this pre-eminent and respected position with a change of name and logo. IRATA International will continue to provide its support and experience to rope access operating companies, training providers and associated businesses worldwide and stands ready to offer its safe working method and established training regime, set out in the IRATA Guidelines and General Requirements, to all who seek these assets as core elements of their activity. Chairman of IRATA, Graham Burnett, has led much of the innovation that has diversified the work that can be done on ropes and comments: On any day around the world you can find rope access teams on the highest buildings, the steepest cliffs, on bridges, masts, offshore oil platforms and in both city and countryside effecting repair, maintenance, restoration and testing in a safe and responsible manner, without the complication of work platforms, cranes and scaffolding. Rope access offers the perfect work solution to so many industrial challenges. The new logo helps highlight the great strides IRATA has taken in and we take our leadership role in safe working at height very seriously. We know that our national and international growth reflects an acknowledgement by many governments and regulatory authorities that our much-admired safety record is only achieved through hard work and diligence and represents a fundamentally safe operating practice that can be easily understood and followed. Roderick Dymott, IRATA CEO, explains the name change by pointing to the geographical breadth of the Association. We are already well established internationally so the move is both logical and demonstrates inclusiveness to our worldwide membership and their customers. Our safety record causes astonishment and admiration in equal measure, turning the heads of businesses and governments and generating a constant stream of rope access operators, trainers and climbing technicians eager to join IRATA as the only truly international trade association in its sector. Further information: Graham Burnett, Chairman of the Association 01785 850333 Roderick Dymott, Chief Executive Officer 01276 857844 John Fairley, Association Secretary 01252 739150 IRATA International, Association House, 99 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7EN