NDT - Magnetic particle testing (Level 2) course

Last call for registration to NDT Magnetic particle testing (Level 2) course.

You don't know how to spend your spring vacation? Come to Riga and participate in highly demanded course Non-destructive testing Magnetic particle testing (Level 2). The course begins on 24/04/2017.

The aim of the course:

The aim of the course is to provide the students with all the necessary knowledge concerning the NDT Magnetic particle testing method and the tasks of the Level 2 defectoscopist according to the standard ISO 9712. The students will acquire all the
necessary skills in order to carry out Magnetic particle testing on their own. Additionally, the course is designed to prepare the participants for the certification, organized by a notified certification institution.

Course content: 

- Non-destructive testing: types, methods and techniques, classification, sphere of application, features
- Physical basis of the Magnetic particle testing
- Indications that emerge during the MT procedure
- Equipment and materials used during the MT procedures
- Process of carrying out magnetic particle testing procedures

Course duration

40 academic hours

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