Rope Access Training Canada

Canada's newest Industrial Rope Access Training Center now in full swing ! Keltic Falcon training center is new but their lead trainer has 20 years experience in all aspects of the Industrial Rope Access industry.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Keltic Falcon Rope Access Experts is an independent rope access training service provider located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. We provide premier instruction and assessment to ensure that you are knowledgeable, safe, and confident in your career as a rope access technician. Canada’s largest dedicated IRATA Rope Access Training Center. Once a brewhouse facility, our center offers many unique natural features that will make for a memorable, challenging and rewarding experience while obtaining your industrial rope access trade certifications. Unlike most industrial rope access training providers we specialize in rope access Keltic Falcon’s training center offers multiple access location for every exercise required within the IRATA and SPRAT curriculum. Our goal is to produce the the most knowledgeable and well prepared rope access technicians on the planet.Courses are scheduled 8am-4pm Monday-Friday with test day on Saturday. We will stay as long as it takes until all students are comfortable with each day’s training exercises regardless of scheduled stop time. Keltic Falcon is one of the few training providers in the world that offer 5 days training before certification testing whereas most others offer 4. Keltic Falcon is the only Rope Access Training Company with its lead trainer certified as an IRATA Assessor since 2005 and SPRAT Evaluator. Daniel is the only one in Canada with these dual certifications and is one of only five in North America.With Daniel’s balance of backgrounds in industrial rope access, real world operations, and training it has given him an in depth knowledge of the system.system. Keltic Falcon has a firm grasp on what it takes to safely and successfully complete your rope access training and obtain your trade certification ticket. ####Keltic Falcon Rope AccessTel: 902-818-5292W: www.kelticfalcon.comDetails: