The Candidate Exclusion Iceberg: The Impact of Social Media on Labour Markets

How Social Media's AI curtails information impacting labour market development and sustainability, with broader societal and economic consequences.

At no point in history have you and I ever been more connected than we are today. Yet we remain in the midst of extraordinary industrial skill shortages.

The Candidate Exclusion Iceberg: The Impact of Social Media on Labour Markets, provides deep and unsettling insight into how and why the flow of information is being curtailed, with candidates of all abilities excluded from work opportunities in unprecedented numbers.

‘Iceberg’ is backed by ground-breaking work from leading academics and global authorities on business analytics and management at Harvard, MIT and Stanford, and features a foreword from one of the UK’s foremost Network Theory scientists.

The report gets to the core of the issue, representing a call to action for policy makers for a far-reaching probe into the systemic distortion of labour markets, but on the cusp of AI rollout, also warns of the profound impacts of a potentially much larger problem.

In the revenue-led rollout of AI, are we careering toward a point of irreversible entanglement with our social and economic frameworks, without scrutiny, accountability or it would appear from the example Iceberg provides, sufficient diligence?

Iceberg is a first of its kind report and must-read for all concerned with:

  • Recruitment.
  • Industrial training.
  • Labour market development and sustainability.
  • Policy & legislation.
  • Diversity & inclusion.
  • National and global economics.
  • Business & innovation.
  • Artificial intelligence.

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