Total Access start IRATA manoeuvers videos on youtube

Total Access (UK) Ltd's training department have started to record IRATA rope access manoeuvers. These videos are a perfect guide to the Levels of IRAT and the manoeuvers that are taught, and needed.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Total Access (UK) Ltd's training department have now started to record IRATA Level 1 Manoeuvers which are then put onto our youtube channel. videos are designed to be a perfect guide for all using and learning Rope access manoeuvers. Steve our IRATA instructor talks you through the manoeuvers you will be taught on a IRATA rope access level 1 course.Each manoeuver Steve goes step by step through so that people can clearly see and understand the technique. We have started with Level 1 Manoeuvers but will progress to cover both level 2 and 3 as well. We hope these videos will be a great teaching tool and really help those who watch them.Check out the first videos here: ####Total Access (UK) LtdTel: 01785 850333W: