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ID Company Country Equpt Supply Operator
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925 A Taylor & Son (Leeds) Ltd United Kingdom Leeds
1250 AccuTrak Ultrasonic Inspection Systems USA NJ
1559 Acoustic Technology Group United States - California
8320 ACTA France
866 ADI Supplies & Services United Kingdom Glasgow
461 Advanced NDT Limited United Kingdom Worcester
8403 AdvantageNDT Supplies Ltd. Canada - Alberta
1686 AEAT Technology QSA Inc USA LA
1687 AEAT Technology QSA Inc USA MA
1101 Aerial Inspection USA PA
8235 African NDT Centre South Africa
11144 Agility NDE United Kingdom - Scotland
490 Aldelec Electronique Inc Canada Quebec
775 Allen (P.W.) & Co Ltd United Kingdom Glos
875 Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd United Kingdom Beds
1691 Allied Diag Imaging Resources USA GA
10871 Alpha Industrial Services Bangladesh
625 Altec Ind & Supply SDN BHD Malaysia Selangor
1529 Altest Aps NDT Udstyr Denmark
969 American NDT Products Inc USA WA
648 Andrew NDT Engineering United States - California
12023 Anglia NDT United Kingdom - South East
7264 Anglia NDT Ltd UK Norfolk
867 Anton Test & Measurement Ltd United Kingdom Watford
1348 Applied Aerospace Structure Corp United States - California
8955 Applied Inspection United Kingdom - Midlands
679 Applied Test Systems Inc USA PA
1516 Asams Ltd United Kingdom Norfolk
1093 Asesoria y Equipos de Inspection SA Mexico City
1329 Ashtead Technology Ltd United Kingdom Aberdeen
7195 Ashtead Technology Ltd United Kingdom - Scotland
1325 Ashtead Technology Ltd United Kingdom Aberdeen
7747 Ashtead Technology Rentals England
1322 Ashtead Technology S.E.Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Loyang
1693 Atchison Casting Corp USA KS
1764 ATG s.r.o. Czech Republic
713 Atlantic Quality & Technical Services Ltd Canada New Brunswick
10820 Beijing Dailyaid Measuring & Control Ltd China
9614 Beijing Naijiu Weiye Technology Co.,Ltd China
8801 Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd China
10445 Belgazpromdiagnostika Belarus
10766 Bentall Rowlands United Kingdom - Yorkshire and the Humber
1231 Bermat SA Chile Santiago
1808 Bicron Solon USA OH
1741 Bicron Technology Vertriebs-GmbH Gremany Wermelskirchen
10971 Biolab Scientific Canada - Ontario
1525 Biolab Scientific Ltd New Zealand
1524 Biolab Scientific Ltd New Zealand
1143 Brutsaert Ingenieurs NV Belgium Gent
500 Bycosin AB Sweden Karlstad
1546 C Melchers & Co Singapore
1547 C Melchers & Co Thailand Bangkok
498 C.S.Products Ltd United Kingdom Devon
860 Calibration Laboratory United Kingdom Worcs
1130 Canadian N D E Technology Canada Ontario
9509 Capitol Ultrasonics United States - Louisiana
1694 Centura NDT USA OH
1316 Centura X-Ray USA OH
1083 Chielens Bvba Belgium Gent
1092 Chunsung and Company Korea Seoul
653 Cincinnati Technical Centre USA OH
863 CNS Farnell United Kingdom Herts
7328 CONAM Inspection USA IL
7248 Controle Mesure Systemes France
8952 Corrpro NDT Canada - Alberta
770 Credosoft Ltd United Kingdom - Scotland
1346 CTRL Systems USA MD
884 Curtis Assembly & Test Machines United Kingdom Colchester
8422 Cygnus Instruments Ltd United Kingdom - South West
1270 Damaco SA Belguim Enghein-Edingen
517 Delta Company for Electronics Egypt Cairo
9071 DEMEQ SRL Argentina - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
486 Detek Inc USA MD
11012 Dillon Force Measurement United Kingdom - Midlands
477 Dive TechnoService Ltd 22 Russia St Petersburg
1095 DMA Didr Mehn-Andersen A/S Norway Bergen
856 Domnick Hunter (Process Filtration) United Kingdom Co Durham
1697 Dosimeter/DCA Div of Artisan USA GA
1515 Durability Inc USA VA
10355 Echo Graphic Denmark
11880 Echo Ultrasonics LLC United States - Washington
8397 Eclipse Scientific Canada - Ontario
1090 Ecomag s r l Italy Milano
905 Ecu Castings United Kingdom Bucks
11508 Eddyfi Technologies Canada - Quebec
423 EDM International Inc USA Colorado
864 ELE International Ltd (Materials Testing Division) UKUnited Kingdom
1085 Elektronika spol o Czech Republic Brno
422 Elemental Analysis Inc USA KY
1519 Elina Industries Ltd Israel
1232 Emerson Process Management Switzerland Baar
1280 Enavsis Greece N.Ionia
9027 Engineering Quality Inspection Services India
771 Etalon Lebanon
9770 ETher NDE United Kingdom - London
1518 Euro Mechanical & Electrical Contractors UAE Dubai
460 EUROteck Systems UK Ltd United Kingdom Staffordsh
11248 Fidgeon Limited United Kingdom - North East
865 Fidgeon Ltd United Kingdom Co Durham
9193 Fischer Measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. India
1230 Fisher-Rosemount AG Switzerland Baar
1596 Flawtech Inc USA NC
769 FlawTech Inc USA NC
421 Foerster Instruments Incorporated USA Pittsburgh
847 Foerster UK Ltd United Kingdom Staffs
911 Forward Precision Equipment Ltd United Kingdom Brighton
485 FRS-Omega Inc United States - California
1698 Fuji NDT Systems United States - Texas
1700 Fuji NDT Systems USA GA
1699 Fuji NDT Systems USA CT
9847 Gamma Solutions India
751 GBG United Kingdom Cambridge
10621 GE Aviation United States - Ohio
9958 Gilligan Engineering Services Ltd United Kingdom - North East
537 Gould Bass Company Inc United States - California
520 Hadar Itzhak Technologies Israel Zichron Yaacov
411 Hocking NDT Ltd United Kingdom Herts
1538 Holger Andreasen NDT-AB Sweden
1534 Holger Technologi as Norway
11926 HTSL United Kingdom - London
912 Hydra-Tight Ltd United Kingdom West Midla
464 Ibg NDT Systems Corporation USA MI
416 Impact Echo Instruments LLC USA NY
862 Impact Test Equipment Ltd United Kingdom Ayrshire
415 Imperium Inc USA MD
888 Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Ltd United Kingdom West Midla
11014 Industrial & Marine Predictive Maintenance Greece
9779 Industrial Mining Inspection Solutions Australia - Queensland
1294 Industrial Nuclear Co Inc United States - California
484 Industry- Services JSC Russia Moscow
1094 Ineq Nederland Netherlands Driebergen
8780 Innerspec Technologies United States - Virginia
920 Innogy PLC United Kingdom West Yorks
1763 Innospexion ApS Denmark Hvalsoe
9122 InspecTech Analygas Group Inc Canada - Ontario
664 Inspection Equipment Ltd United Kingdom Oxon
594 Inspection Software Limited United Kingdom Swansea
1172 Inspection Technologies Inc United States - California
1173 Inspection Technologies Inc United States - California
401 Inspection Technologies Incorporated USA California
11142 Integrity Products and Supplies Canada - Alberta
1511 Intro Enterprises Co Ltd Thailand Bangkok
850 IntroVision United Kingdom Herts
12124 Invert Robotics   Ireland
1747 Jinsol Industries Co Korea Seoul
590 JME Ltd United Kingdom Suffolk
933 Johnson & Allen Ltd United Kingdom Sheffield
589 JSR Ultrasonics USA NY
930 JW Baker & Son (Bradford) Ltd United Kingdom West Yorks
8601 KARA Industrial Services GmbH Germany, Hessen
1082 Karl Deutsch Germany Wuppertal
774 Keighley Laboratories Ltd United Kingdom West Yorks
656 Kennewick WA USA WA
1758 Kevex X-Ray United States - California
1756 Kevex X-Ray United States - California
1757 Kevex X-Ray United States - California
1299 KJ Law Engineers Inc USA Michigan
1804 Korea Electro-Optics Co Ltd Korea Kyongki-Do
614 Krautkramer Forster Espanola Spain Madrid
1540 Krautkramer Inc USA
472 Kyung Do Enterprise Ltd Korea Seoul
1127 Landauer United Kingdom Oxford
9500 Libyan Professionals for Oil & Gas Services Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
1247 M H Hall & Sons Ltd United Kingdom Bucks
11221 M2M NDT, Inc. United States - California
587 Magnaflow Not Supplied
1703 Magnaflux USA IL
1702 Magnaflux USA IL
858 Magnaflux United Kingdom Swindon
1628 Magnetic Analysis Corp USA NY
918 Maselec Ltd United Kingdom Surrey
1704 Matec Instrument Companies USA MA
731 Matec Instrument Companies Inc USA MA
697 Maverick Inspection Canada
845 Mercury Bearings Ltd United Kingdom Middlesex
1705 Met-L-Chek United States - California
1513 Metalscan France Saint Remy
8074 METS (UK) Limited United Kingdom - Scotland - Aberdeen
522 Miharu Kosho Corporation Japan Tokyo
9959 MIstras Canada Inc. Canada - Alberta
9686 Mistras Métaltec Canada - Quebec
1269 Mittli KG Austria Vienna
585 MK Photonics Inc USA Albuquerque
10343 Motion Software Ltd United Kingdom - Scotland
584 NAMICON Romania Bucharest
1706 National X-Ray Corp USA GA
624 Nawoo Tech Research Ltd Korea Seoul
1508 NC-Point Oy Finland Kerava
1755 NDS Products United States - Texas
1495 NDT Automation USA NJ
8521 NDT EQUIPMENT SERVICES United Kingdom - Midlands
481 NDT International Inc USA
11141 NDT MainCal United Kingdom - North West
1707 NDT Repair & Supply USA LA
454 NDT Solutions Ltd United Kingdom Chesterfie
1298 NDT Supply USA
682 NDT Tecnologies Inc Canada Montreal
8758 ndtctc India
7236 NDTS India (P) Limited New Bombay
1643 Newco Inc USA SC
1253 Newt International Ltd United Kingdom Hampshire
1091 Nihon Matech Corporation Japan Tokyo
1542 Nippon Hocking KK Japan
1502 Nippon Physical Acoustics Ltd (NPA) Japan Tokyo
1708 Niton Corp USA MA
596 Niton LLC USA MA
1709 Niton LLC USA MA
607 Niton UK Ltd United Kingdom - South East
854 Norgren (IMI) Norgren Ltd) United Kingdom Staffs
1711 North Star Imaging Inc USA MN
1710 North Star Imaging Inc USA MN
821 Northern Dished Ends Ltd United Kingdom West Yorks
9551 Novatest srl Italy
9849 OKO Association Ukraine
852 Olympus Industrial United Kingdom Southend
11184 Olympus Scientific Solutions United States - Massachusetts
468 Osbert International China Beijing
9868 Pacific Borescopes United States - Arizona
890 Paint Test Equipment United Kingdom Cheshire
1536 Palmo-Electronica LDA Portugal
885 Pantak Ltd United Kingdom Reading
11939 PCB Service Sp. z o.o. Poland
11921 PCE Instruments UK Ltd United Kingdom - South East
514 Pergam Russia Moscow
630 Petroservicios Industriales S.A.de C.V. Mexico Tampico Tamps
414 Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd United Kingdom Lancs
1712 Physical Acoustics Corp USA NJ
1510 Physical Acoustics SA Ltda Brasil Sao Paulo
10100 PIH Services Middle East United Arab Emirates
1283 Pohl & Pohl Sp. z.o.o Poland Raciborz
759 Powergen Technology United Kingdom Nottingham
9732 Pradeep NDT Products Pvt.Ltd India
521 PRUFTECHNIK S.R.L. Italy Trezzano
1714 QC/NDT Equipment Co United States - California
9221 Quaduro Systems United Kingdom - London
1149 Quality Control Systems Inc South Korea Seoul
640 R-CON Non-destructive Test Consultants Inc USA WI
1748 Radiation Safety and Control Services USA NH
10213 RathGibson North Branch United States - New Jersey
571 Redcliffe Limited United Kingdom Bristol
11428 REL, Inc. United States - Michigan
1251 Reliabilityweb.com USA FL
10977 RHINO C.A Venezuela
892 Rhopoint Instrumentation Ltd United Kingdom East Susse
926 Roch Engineering United Kingdom Bucks
1807 Roditi International Corp GmbH Germany Hamberg
1785 Roditi International Corp Ltd United Kingdom London
1716 RPS Imaging USA IN
427 Russell NDE Systems Canada Alberta
657 S WTC Wichita USA KS
1086 Sadex Egypt Alexandria
570 Saic Ultra Image Intl USA CT
11883 Salem Design & Manufacturing, LLC United States - Ohio
611 Scantec Lab AB Sweden Partille
1225 Scanunit AB Sweden Heisingborg
425 Scotialink Ltd United Kingdom Aberdeen
478 Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore
861 Sercal NDT Equipment Ltd United Kingdom Staffs
9355 SGS Group Netherlands Netherlands
473 SIEEND Mexico - (South, Central, and Eastern)
766 Silverwing (UK) Ltd United Kingdom Swansea
8411 Silverwing UK Ltd United Kingdom - Wales
9537 SIUI China
725 SLX Inc USA MD
1718 Socomate International World
1719 Sonaspection Inc United Kingdom Lancaster
8278 Sonatest Ltd UK England
442 Sonatest Plc United Kingdom Milton Key
1313 Sonic Sensors United States - California
1312 Sonic Sensors United States - California
1721 Sonotech Inc USA WA
1162 Sonotron NDT Israel Rehovot
723 Sonovation B V Netherland Oosterhout
1722 Source Prod & Equipment (Spec) USA LA
1097 Spectro Majestic Limited Russia Moscow
8547 SSA Acoustic & Specialised Inspections South Africa
632 Staveley NDT Technologies UK United Kingdom Wolverhamp
874 Steinweg UK Ltd United Kingdom Coventry
492 StressTel USA PA
1761 STV Electronic GmbH & Co Germany Schloss Holte
1297 Sullins International Inc USA OK
11658 SUNE Co., Ltd. Viet Nam
10985 Surelift United Kingdom - Scotland
1726 Swain Distribution Inc USA AR
11078 Tasa Technical Training & Consultancy Tanzania
9919 TBS Inspection AS Norway
568 Technical Services Group Inc USA GA
923 Technical Software Consultants Ltd United Kingdom Milton Key
722 Technology Design Ltd United Kingdom Cheshire
7626 Tehnomet Survey Ltd. Estonia
881 Terotest United Kingdom Herts
1528 Testima s.r.o. Czech Republic
781 The Validation Centre United Kingdom Norfolk
1727 Thermo Measuretech United States - Texas
595 Thermo Scientific NITON Analyzers USA MA
8887 Tricen Technologies United States - Florida
9203 Trinity Institute of NDT Technology India
7985 Tritex NDT Ltd United Kingdom - Scotland
1728 Triumph Controls Inc USA PA
853 Ultra-Violet Products Ltd United Kingdom Cambridge
913 Underwater Centre United Kingdom Inverness-
891 Unicorn Automation United Kingdom Northants
459 Unicorn Automation (NDT) Ltd. United Kingdom Northants
842 United Bright Bar Ltd United Kingdom West Midla
720 US Ultratek Inc United States - California
719 Vallen-Systeme GmbH Germany Icking
1729 Valpey Fisher USA MA
9680 Vandergriff Technologies NDT Services United States - Texas
1730 Varian Medical Systems United States - California
1753 Venture Technical Sales & Service Inc USA OK
730 Vogt Ultrasonics GmbH Germany Burgwedel
9935 VOGT Ultrasonics GmbH Germany
1731 W H Henken Industries Inc United States - Texas
1732 Waggoner & Associates USA LA
924 Welding & Brazing Developments (Cannock) Ltd United Kingdom Staffs
654 West Coast Technical Center United States - California
908 Yimpact Heat Exchangers Services United Kingdom North Humb
1738 Yxlon International Inc USA OH
717 Yxlon International X-Ray GmbH Germany Hamburg
11805 ZChem NDT Consumables & Equipment India