BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 N:Lewis Macleod FN:Lewis Macleod TITLE: NOTE;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Industrial Rope Access Services based in the Highlands of Scotland with experience in Building Maintenance Geotechnical stabilisation and a range of Wind Turbine Services including Blade Repair Nacelle Sealing and Tower Maintenance URL;WORK: UID:11563 TEL;PREF;WORK:07706409540 TEL;CELL;VOICE:07706409540 TEL;FAX: ORG:Sgurr Access - 11563 ADR;WORK:;;Gedintailor Portree Isle of Skye;;;United Kingdom - Scotland LABEL;HOME;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Gedintailor Portree Isle of Skye=0D=0A=0D=0AUnited Kingdom - Scotland X-WAB-GENDER:1 BDAY:20201230 EMAIL;PREF; REV:20200603T053190Z technical deptEND:VCARD