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  • Maximise your recruitment efforts

    Discover how to reduce costs and reach a much greater volume of high quality candidates and seasoned trades. Fill vacancies while sustaining the labour market you draw from.

  • Personnel searches

    Our live demo will show you how easy it is to source the personnel for your next project using Tech Selecta. No other platform can match its speed and effectiveness.

  • Training Market

    Gain insight into how our training sales programme can help your business to consistently hit more candidates in the world's largest market for Work at Height and associated industrial training.

  • Equipment Market

    We cater to every aspect of work at height across various sectors on an international scale. These sectors require PPE, height access gear, lifting equipment, and consumables. Learn how to tap into this enormous supply chain.

  • Industrial intelligence

    Discover how to leverage our comprehensive big data systems to your company's advantage.



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