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Written by: Training Department from SpanSet Limited
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The UK’s 5G infrastructure rollout is expanding rapidly – Tower Climbers and Riggers are you trained and ready for the revolution?!

5G Rollout means upgrading both masts, towers and other infrastructure as well as the hardware on it – and that requires a highly skilled and trained workforce of Tower Climbers, Riggers and Technicians. This work will continue for years and provides an excellent opportunity to trained professionals.

Here are just some of the advantages of Telecoms Training with SpanSet ready for the 5G Revolution – SpanSet, Lifting and Height Safety experts!

  • We offer a comprehensive range of telecom training courses.
  • Excellent Training facilities and relevant Structures.
  • Both Height Safety and Lifting Training courses and equipment available.
  • Expertise – our Instructors and Product Champions have decades of experience working as Riggers in the Telecoms industry.
  • SpanSet are accredited providers of both MATS and MBNL courses.
  • Inspection Services – equipment inspected while you train.

If you need training or equipment for work in the Telecoms sector as a Tower Climber, Rigger or Technician we can help.

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