IRATA Familiarisation for QTS Managers
Written by: Lorna Gibson from QTS Group
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QTS Training are running a series of IRATA Familiarisation and Work Restraint courses for managers who have responsibility for sites or teams using Rope Access and need a more thorough understanding of the work and risks involved.

All managers who have participated so far have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be very beneficial to their roles.

QTS Training Director, Lorna Gibson, said 'The course has been very successful and well received by all, personally I found it very enjoyable (particularly the practical aspects) and has provided me with a much more detailed understanding of the IRATA Rope Access courses which we offer'.

 For more details of our courses which include IRATA Rope Access, Personal Track Safety (PTS), First Aid, fire Awareness and Manual Handling visit our website on 

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