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Written by: Tom Dyffort from Altitec Limited
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London, 22nd March 2016 – Altitec, the blade repair and inspection specialist, has confirmed a major, five figure investment in Altitec Academy, its dedicated training division.  Already recognised as an industry-certified training centre of excellence, the additional investment enables Altitec to train up to 180 blade repair technicians every year, to help address a growing industry skills gap.

The continued success of the on- and offshore wind sectors in the UK and further afield is highly dependent on the capacity of the industry to attract and maintain a steady flow of new talent and skilled labour. According to RenewableUK figures, UK wind and marine renewables could employ close to 90,000 people by 2021, and training and re-training schemes will play a crucial role, both in meeting this demand and addressing a skills gap that has led to an industry-wide shortage of qualified technicians.

Altitec’s sustained investment in the Altitec Academy is targeted not only at strengthening the firm’s own team of highly-trained personnel, but also at raising the standard of rope access, blade repair and inspection throughout the sector.

Originally established in 2010 to provide the wind sector with direct access to the substantial pool of knowledge and expertise accumulated by Altitec’s team of rotor blade technicians, the Altitec Academy has grown to become the most comprehensive training provider for repair and inspection techniques in the industry.

Following this significant capital investment in its dedicated training facility in London, the Altitec Academy will enable a wider pool of apprentices to benefit from its unique combination of hands on learning and practical application, reinforced by sound theoretical instruction. Altitec’s unmatched in-house facilities provide the most authentic simulation possible of a rope-access blade-servicing scenario away from an operational wind farm, while classroom-based activities provide participants with an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from technicians and trainers who continue to operate in the field and have over fifteen years of international blade inspection and repair experience.

The intensive 5-day training courses offered by the Altitec Academy include the RenewableUK accredited “Awareness and Basic Rotor Blade Inspection and Repair” (BRAI) certification – providing an insight into how to spot operational rotor blade damage and conduct minor blade surface repairs – and Altitec’s in-house “Composite Rotor Blade Repair Training” module, teaching the fundamentals of rotor blade repair off the ground.

Combined, these certificates leave participants well-placed either to take key skills and lessons learnt back to operational wind farms throughout the UK and Europe or start careers as blade technicians in the expanding on- and offshore sectors.

“Demand for qualified blade technicians is at an all-time high in the global wind energy sector,” said Tom Dyffort, Managing Director, Altitec Group. “Faced with this growing necessity, we have a responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the industry continue to be met – and that the employment and re-training opportunities that this creates, both within Altitec and further afield with other service providers, are realised.”

“The Altitec Academy continues to educate wind farm operations and maintenance teams about the performance impact of proper blade inspection and repair, whilst offering would-be technicians a route into a fast-growing, yet increasingly professional and established sector.”

As Altitec broadens the reach of the Altitec Academy around the globe, and following the recent agreement of a joint venture with Obelisk Group, the firm will soon provide training courses from Cape Town, aiming to train new South African blade technicians to international standards.

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